Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Eleh,ko ingat aku nk sgt bekas ko"

That phrase keeps spinning in my head..

Bcoz guess what, seems like now u wanna keep him for yourself,your so-called bestfriend..

And you dare to tell me you are my bestfriend..

# # #

To my bestfriend out there,
I might be not a good bestfriend
Since I don't care if u have awake in the morning
Since I don't care if u have perform your subuh
Since I don't care if u have get home or not
Since I don't care if u have take your meal
Coz that's what a bestfriend does,right?

# # #

I don't want to pretend anymore
That I'm just fine
Seems like nothing happen
Don't u know
I have quite strong memories
So I don't forget easily

# # #

My scar doesn't heal just like that
It may take forever
And don't blame me at all
If I can't forgive and forget

# # #

Do what u wanna do
What I want is
I just wanna be healed

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